playing time: 39"01

year: 2005

genre: goregrind

type: 4 way split CD

bands: Negligent Collateral Collapse (cz), Corporal Raid (it), Screaming Afterbirth (usa) & Devourment (usa)



Negligent Collateral Collapse

  1. If It's Mental It Can't Be Physical, If It's Physical It Can't Be Mental
  2. Neurotransmitter / Bunch Molecules In A Liquid Form
  3. Ensemble + Classifiers
  4. Machine-Learning Research

Corporal Raid

  1. Auto-Regression Or Self-Progress
  2. Global Lobotomy
  3. Utopic Unknown Being
  4. Accelerated Existence
  5. Vision Of Equal Psychosis
  6. Limited Normality
  7. Reach The Uncontrolled
  8. Random Activity
  9. Gateways Of Distorted Sub-Reality Addicted To Chaotic Paranoia
  10. Forced Alienation

Screaming Afterbirth

  1. You're In Urine
  2. Infectious Erection Injections
  3. Blood Supply (Squash Bowels Cover)


  1. Autoerotic Asphyxiation
  2. Babykiller

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